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I first found out about Music Together® a few years ago through a family that I was working for and it was then that I first attended classes. I saw so many benefits and enjoyed it so much myself that I knew that when I had a child this was a program I would sign him/her up for. Sure enough I signed my daughter up when she was around 6 months old and she has loved it ever since. I could instantly see her respond to music and the noises around her. I also enjoyed having some mommy and me time with my child. My daughter is now 17 months old and she still has a lot of fun and I love watching her face when we are in class. My daughter sometimes likes to hang back and watch what is happening in class but when we get home I can see her imitating things that we have done like singing "bye bye" to our toys and books while she puts them away. We also are big fans of the music cds that we receive in class! We listen to ours every day in the car. My daughter also responds very positively to Jennifer I think she has enjoyed seeing a familiar face this past year. Jennifer is really warm and welcoming to all in her class! We look forward to our class every week and we recommend it to anyone looking for an activity for their child!

Fallon Creedon

Music is such a powerful part of life. Music Together has recognized this and has created a truly unique and personal experience.  These classes have both created a love for music in my children and exposed an innate talent that I believe they received from their dad.  Both of my children have been in MT since before they were one year old.  My 5 year old still chooses to listen to MT CDs.  He is not officially enrolled anymore, but still talks about his teachers and has been accepted as a guest in his younger sister's classes.  He is performing as the lead in a play at a real theater in a couple of weeks ; as he has a knack for learning songs and lyrics, and I directly attribute this to MT exposure. My one year old will start crying in the car and as soon as I start "Hello ", she stops crying, gets a huge smile on her face and starts tapping her hands on her legs.  This is after only being in MT class for a couple of months. More than the music is the mutual feeling of fondness between the teachers and families that is created because the teachers truly display a passion for the Music Together program and the children become visibly attached to the teacher.  I think it is a special time for you and your little ones to enjoy quality time together.  I can personally attest to the fact that you will never feel like just a member of an organization whose aim is to make money.  Emails are answered so quickly, make ups are so easy to schedule and there are countless ways in which everyone you come into contact with makes you feel like you and your child are the most important member of MT

Amy M

At first, I was unsure about signing my daughter up for Music Together classes at five months old.  I had heard the program was amazing from friends, and I had seen the videos and seen how the children responded.  Most of those kids were older, though, and my daughter was so young, I was afraid she would not get anything out of it.   

I am SO GLAD that I decided to try it out!  Leah and I have a ton of fun together at music class each week.  She grins the whole time and often coos and babbles as the older kids and the adults sing.  The other parents have expressed surprise at how excited Leah gets during class and how happy she seems to be listening to the music.  We listen to the CD outside of class a lot and she finds the songs comfortingly familiar.  "A Ram Sam Sam" even calmed her down and got her smiling after shots at the pediatrician's office recently! 

I love the way Music Together classes are structured.  Our teacher Zoe is great with the kids and does an admirable job getting the adults to loosen up and get silly.  The kids are given the freedom to sing and play and interact how they would like.  There is a sense of creativity in the room as Zoe encourages the children to make up their own dances and enjoy experimenting with sounds.  I am constantly impressed with her ability to entertain such a range of ages – from 6 months to 4 years – with all the children having fun and learning about music without realizing they're "learning" something.  I have seen children who are completely shy at the beginning of class just bloom and open up as class continues. I have also seen kids remember the lyrics to songs better than parents, dance with to a rhythm without knowing they were doing it, and wait eagerly in line to hug Zoe goodbye at the end of class.  I am so grateful that my Leah and I have this special time each week to make Music Together!

Michele S

This is my third year doing Music Together with my three year old son, Mario.  It truly amazes me how much this class has shaped how Mario learns and interacts with the world around him.  From being an infant and gently bopping to the music, to today when he actively "plays" music class (snuggle dust and all!) at home, it is such a joy to see how much music is such an important part of Mario's life.  I would highly recommend Old Colony Music Together to anyone with small children...there is nothing else out there quite like it!

Andrea S.

I am so glad my sister told me about Old Colony Music Together! I've been taking my 20 month old daughter and this program is not only helping her learn about music but it's also helping her socially as she interacts with other children. This will definitely help prepare her for the future when she begins school. And it's so much fun! She listens to the CD provided to us in the car everyday and I'm amazed because she's starting to actually sing the words and follow the beat! We can't wait for our weekly class on Saturdays! I will definitely recommend this class to others.

Sandra G.

My son Adam (18 months old) and I are currently enrolled in the summer session of Music Together with Jill in Attleboro.  This is my first experience with the program and I could not be more impressed!  My son LOVES to dance and play the instruments.  At home, I am seeing him clap his hands, pat his lap, and try to imitate the sounds in the songs.  I especially appreciate Jill’s acceptance of all types of learners.  I do not feel pressured to keep Adam seated during the songs, and she encourages him to wander and explore at his will.  I LOVE our special Music Together time, and am looking forward to the fall session!

Brenda and Adam Daday

We started Music Together when my twin girls were about 12 months old and they are now 2 1/2.  We have all loved this class and that is why we keep coming back.  It has enriched my children's lives in so many ways.  It has helped them develop language and movement skills and a joy for music.  We always listen to the cd in the car and it is the first thing they ask for when we get in the car to go for a ride.  I often hear them singing the songs in their cribs when they are going to sleep or waking up.  The class has always felt like such a nurturing, supportive environment and we look forward to it all week.  I can't say enough about this class and highly recommend it to others.

Shari B

My 16 month old son and I had the pleasure of attending the summer session of music together with Cheryl. It was such a positive experience in so many ways. First, of course, there was the music. My son took to the fun songs immediately, becoming excited with legs bouncing whenever I'd pop in the CD. It wasn't long until he'd become familiar enough to recognize the different tracks and indicate his preferences for which songs he wanted to hear. That was so exciting for me as a mom to watch him developing in another new way. It was also a happy weekly ritual to ask him if he was ready to go to music classes on Tuesday mornings. He would smile excitedly, start dancing, and ask if we were going to see 'the babies' and their mamas. He got such a kick out of watching the other kids each week-seeing the different ways they all moved around to the music, especially the older ones. I think that in addition to introducing my son to new music and giving him the chance to play different instruments, MT also helped him gain a few new dance moves!  It was a great experience that we look forward to doing again!

Katie Hewett

My daughter and I are entering our third session of Music Together.  She is 22 months old. We are so thankful to have found a program that we both love so much.  She lights up when she hears the songs in the car and has started trying to sing along! In class, she gets so excited - moving her body to the  beat, playing instruments, grinning from ear to ear, trying to sing along.  It is a wonderful thing to watch.  Parents in the class sing and participate. It is a great feeling to let loose and be silly with your little one, all the while giving them enriching experiences that will help them throughout their lives.  I feel that Music Together is a 'must have' in my child's life.  I encourage everyone to try at least one class. You will be hooked!

Julie and Lilah Barry

My daughter, Giovanna, and I are currently enrolled in Cheryl's fall session in Norton and we absolutely LOVE it.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the past nine weeks with Cheryl!  It is easy to see that she enjoys teaching and has a true passion for music.  She is AMAZING!!  My daughter loves the music and even though she is only 14 months, she always requests the CD when we are in the car!!  She loves it and so do I!  I find myself listening to it even after she is at daycare for the day and I am on my way to work.  Cheryl gave me the Music Together magnetic decal for my car and I proudly display it!

Lisa Pacella

How amazing it has been to remember that my daughter began singing strings of lyrics before she really began putting two words together conversationally.  Since she started the Music Together mixed ages program at 20 months I have seen her grow so much with music in her life.  I've always known she's enjoyed it, but now this semester, at age 2, I've really witnessed her evolution with it.  Whether she's strumming a big red wiffle ball bat, opening and closing her fists while singing "open and shut", or inserting her own custom lyrics to familiar melodies, she is really excited about music. As her mother, I feel so excited that she has found something that brings her such joy, and I also feel proud that it's something as wonderful as music. My husband and I really look forward to continuing to encourage her musical development. We feel so happy to have found you, Gwyn!

-M. Lantini

We started attending Music Together when my daughter was nine months old.  She is four years old now, so we have "grown up" in the program.  We look forward to our Monday mornings with "Miss Gwyn" and our music class friends, and we enjoy making music throughout the day.  I love that my daughter is as comfortable singing to the cashier at the grocery store, as she is singing a lullaby with me at bedtime.  We've done other activities (playgroups, gymnastics, dance, etc.), but by far, Music Together is our favorite!

Kim Greene

I have been attending Music Together with Katie since she was 8 months old.  She loves it!  The class is very child-focused, and I enjoy spending 45 minutes with all of my attention focused on her.  Now that she is just over a year old, Katie is really starting to participate in class instead of just listening and enjoying.  She is clearly developing a love of music, and I am so glad that she has been able to have such a positive and engaging experience with it.  We will definitely be sticking with it as she gets older.  It's also great that the ages are mixed, as she loves watching and mimicking the "big kids". 

Erin (and Katie) Donahue

My son Jack has been in Music Together since he was 8 months old and now he is turning 3 this week. It has been so wonderful to watch him grow with each session from a baby putting instruments in his mouth and observing from my lap, to a child with rhythm, confidence, focus, and a love of music. His favorite songs are from the Music Together CDs we have received, and he also likes looking at the songbooks and sitting with me at the piano as I play his favorites. He has even learned spanish and hebrew vocabulary from the eclectic selections on each collection.  It is nice to have music to listen to with him that we can both enjoy! Now my younger daughter Corinne, who is 9 months, has joined the class and she is already bouncing and humming in class.  Of all of the programs I have looked at for young children, the Music Together program is easily my favorite with a consistent structure that allows my children to enjoy and explore music with me each week.

Tracy D

"I heard of music together through a friend at my school.  My daughter and I were signed up for an infant gymboree class, swim lessons and the music class.  I was unsure of the music class because I had never heard of it before.  I absolutely love coming to the music class and Hannah is enjoying it more and more.  It's our favorite class that we go to! I can see Hannah beginning to do little things, such as banging the instruments, clapping and smiling at Gwyn or Cheryl."

Amy S

"Music Together classes are a great way to introduce a variety of different
music types to my daughter. We love singing and dancing to the cd at home
and then hearing them together at class."

- Kim Newth

"I love dancing with Miss Gwyn. That's my favorite part."

- Arianna Newth, age 3

"We both loved our Music Together class! I felt
it was a great experience for my son educationally, and also a wonderful
place to make new friends."

My son Brian's favorite: "Parachute!"

Nicole Kennedy

"Music Together has been a wonderful place for the entire family.
We have seen such individual growth in our three young children in a
relatively small amount of time.
Our youngest child has really taken off musically. She's learning so
so quickly...the music has helped bridge the gap between babbling and
talking or in her case, singing.
It is truly a family affair!"

Patty Palmer

"My children love going Music Together and having the music at home! We use
the songs and books to enjoy quality time together as well as to get through
our everyday routines. Through the classes, I've picked up on ways to
integrate songs into clean-up, bath time, bed time, etc which makes it much
easier and fun for the kids! I also love hearing my children sing! They have
learned tonal patterns, pitch and rhythm skills which make them love to sing
and enjoy music!"

Erin Valentine

"I have been taking my daughter to Music
Together with Gwyn Marini now for over 2 years. She thrives on the
classes. She has had a superb introduction to music, singing,
participating in group activities, and being part of a class. Hardly a
day goes by when she does not either sing a Music Together song, listen
to a CD, play an instrument, or ask me "Mommy, when are we going to see
Ms. Gwyn???"

Sarah Fostello

My daughter has really enjoyed music together. She has been going since she was 5 months old and loves to sing, dance, and play instruments. She gets excited when I play her cds in the car and she recognizes a song from class and actually starts to do the dances or gestures that go with the song. She always makes the cats with her hands when the 2 little kitty cat song comes on. My husband and I also enjoy in sharing this musical experience with Zoë

Melissa Morrison

A joyful experience to be with my 2yr old
and 8 month old dancing, singing, and making memories.
I don't know of a better place to be Monday mornings
for all of us. We Love It! Gwyn has given the gift of
music to our family.

Kerri Coleman

I first heard about Music Together about three years ago, and ever since our first demonstration class, we have been hooked. If I could pick only one activity for my children to be involved in, Music Together would be the one I would choose. With an infant, a toddler, and a preschooler, it is not easy to find an activity that all of my children can enjoy together. I love that it is something that we can all do, and no matter what kind of day we are having, everyone always feels better during and after the class. We listen to the music on CD over and over in the car, and it is something that no one ever tires of. The songs are fun to sing, without being silly, like some children's music is today. And even more importantly, the songs are such that children's voices can actually sing all of the notes. My children really look forward to class every week - they LOVE Gwyn!! Her experience really shows in her rapport with children and their caregivers. It is so important to supplement our children's early education with activities involving music and movement, and I am convinced that this is the best way to do it! I really just can't say enough about Gwyn and her program.

Jen Repeta

We started attending Music Together when Caitlin was 7 months old and she benefitted from the experience right away. Now, at almost 2, she requests "Caitlin's songs" all the time and jumps up and down when I tell her it's time for music class. She particularly enjoys mastering the finger movements associated with some songs. "Play Along" with all of the instruments is a big hit, too. I would recommend Music Together to any parents looking for a new way to spend quality time with their children.

Susan Reynolds

We decided to enroll in Music Together with our two-year old because we were looking for an alternate family activity from swim class. I originally picked Music Together because they were the only program in the area (I live in Easton) offering this sort of instruction on the weekends. I have been thrilled with the program as a whole and Gwyn as a teacher.

The music in the program is of very high quality. Unlike some kids music that is so grating and saccharine I might crash the car if it's playing while I drive, this music is mature, appropriate, diverse, and engaging. We all enjoy singing these songs and I appreciate the program's inclusion of music from diverse cultural backgrounds. It's also wonderful that the CDs are included in the registration fee. You get two CDs - one for the car and one for at home which is such a courteous thing to do since it would be a pain to constantly transfer the CD. I would note to prospective parents that in order to get the most of our the Music Together classes, it is important to listen to the CDs outside of class to familiarize yourself and your child with the songs. Some songs are classics (I've Been Working On the Railroad") but many are specific to the program and/or lesser known. It helps to be familiar with them when you get to class and sing and do activities related to the songs.

The classes are terrific. Unlike swim classes, I feel we are actually benefitting from having a teacher present and there is actual, and very high quality, instruction provided. The children learn how to enjoy music, by singing, playing, dancing, using balls and other props, and playing musical instruments. Several parents in our class had children of different ages enrolled, and it was very easy to engage all of the children, from infants to five-year-olds. Gwyn in particular was a fabulous teacher - she was enthusiastic and knew just how and when to engage a child. She was also very respectful of children who needed time to warm up before actively participating in the activities.

Overall, I can't say enough positive things about this program. After we tried a class, I emailed all the moms I knew in the area and told them how wonderful it was. 3 of them immediately signed up and enjoyed the classes as well. Though these classes are more expensive than your standard Saturday morning swim class, I feel like I get a lot more of what I pay for in terms of materials, quality of instruction, and overall benefit to my daughter.

Liz Bornstein

Just wanted to say how much my kids enjoy the Music Together class.  It is a great way for them to learn and experience music on so many fronts.  They enjoyed the spring class so much that they are still singing the songs today and they even sing the songs to their favorite stuffed animal.  It is a great class not only for the kids, but for the parents too.  Thanks for bringing such a great class to us.  We look forward to the next series. 

Paul C

My daughter and I started music together with Gwyneth this past summer
when she was 8 months old. It is amazing to see how much she has
embraced through this musical experience. In the beginning she would
sit on my lap, suck on the instruments and listen and now she doesn't
sit still! She is clapping, playing the instruments and dancing and
enjoying every minute of it! I also like how the class has a variety
of ages so they can all learn from each other. We have had the
opportunity to have Gwyneth and Cheryl and they are both so wonderful
and talented. The things they have taught my daughter in class have
carried over at home and in the car! Whenever we listen to the CDs,
she is engaged and excited. I look forward to continuing this journey
and thank both Gwyneth and Cheryl for all they do. This has truly been
a our favorite!

Michelle L

My daughter started attending the Music Together program at around 2 years old. It was amazing to see her develop her sense of rhythm, come up with new dance moves and learn new vocabulary thanks to the simple lyrics of the songs. I couldn't believe that she memorized the order of the songs on the first CD after about 2 weeks (it was the only CD we could listen to in the car, she'd ask us to put it on as soon as she got in her carseat) and would start singing the next song before it came on. My husband and I love the fact that the songs are different styles of music and aren't monotonous like most children's music compilations available on the market. After the first session was over it was a no-brainer that we'd sign her up for the next class. She really looks forward to Wednesdays, when she gets to go see Miss Jennifer and sing her favorite songs and play the instruments. Music was always a very important part of my life and I am glad that my daughter at age 3 knows the tunes and most of the lyrics to 50+ songs, thanks to Music Together. On some days I can hear her hum or sing to herself when she's falling asleep and when she wakes up. I am very happy I found Music Together and I will keep sending my daughter there as long as I can.

Joanna Curry

Over the past three years, my daughter and I have been attending Music Together Saturday mornings. My daughter loves the music and playing the instruments with all of the children.  We can't wait to go every week. 
Thanks, again! 

Mika F

I just had to write you to tell you what an AMAZING teacher you have in "Miss Cheryl."   My daughter Jackie has been enrolled with her this Spring semester.  We had previously been enrolled in the Winter semester, then Jackie turned 2 in April and suddenly became fearful of attending music class.  She was reluctant to enter the room.  In response, Cheryl was wonderful.  She worked with myself, my husband, and my nanny (depending on who brought Jackie to class that week) to make Jackie comfortable. Cheryl was always very patient with Jackie. Once she even offered to make Jackie her "special assistant" to encourage Jackie's participation. She took the time to speak to me before and after classes to try to help us through the situation.  Cheryl made me feel at ease that Jackie was not the only toddler having this struggle and was always very encouraging to our whole family. 
Cheryl does such a wonderful job with the music classes. She handles all the kids and parents with such grace. The classes are so fun, the time just flies by!
Jackie's reluctance seems to have been a temporary stage (they are the "terrible two's" not the "fantastic two's"!) and she is back to enjoying music class.  Thank goodness! But I would have been remiss if I didn't share with you how wonderful Cheryl was while Jackie was struggling.  We adore the whole Music Together program and are looking forward to the Summer and Fall sessions.  Miss Cheryl is a treasure and a real asset to the program.  

Annemarie B.

It has been almost a year since first Hannah started Music Together. I still remember the time when Hannah was sitting on Bumbo chair in class. It's hard to believe she walks and dances to music now. My husband and I enjoy seeing Hannah grow through music every day. There are so many wonderful things that Music Together and Karen (Jennifer & Gretchen too) brought to our lives. We constantly sing, move, and dance, which became so natural to this household, but not so much before. Our car rides are filled with singing and playing music. Our life is so musical.

I just wanted to express our appreciation. Thank you so much for the great teachers and program. Thank you for the music!

Mayumi S